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Five Years Ago

Five years ago today I watched the PV of Real Face for the first time. My life has never been the same. I'm eternally grateful. Those boys have shaped my growth and have been a source of so much happiness in my life. I look forward to another five years and ten years and forever. No matter what they are doing, together and apart, five years ago today I gave my heart to six individuals come what may. I'm proud of them all and I've even had the privilege of seeing all of them in person. I'll never forget Jin's concert or the Charity Baseball Game. I'll never forget Jin asking ever so adorably for the people on the second floor to answer him. I'll never forget Junno trying so so so hard to get those pitches done right even though he looked like he wanted to cry. I'll never forget Nakamaru feeling like he needed to bow at everyone just because he's a wonderfully respectful young man. I'll never forget Koki putting Juri up to bat in his place and standing up so concerned when the ball got caught. I'll never forget Kame holding that trophy, sweaty and exhausted, 'i have nowhere to put this'. I'll never ever forget when Ueda walked right in front of me, the closest to me it was physically possible to be at that event. Just a dugout length away. And he walked past being the pure embodiment of everything I hold dear. Maybe that's an exaggeration but in my eyes he is perfection. And I'll never forget seeing those five boys perform PERFECT in the middle of Tokyo Dome. It was everything it claimed to be. Not a day goes by that I'm not happy that these men are a part of my life. Oh God how I love them...

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