Merry (oneshizuku) wrote,

[drabble] Cherish

Title: Cherish
Pairing/Members: Yesung/Siwon
Rating: G
Word Count: 354
Genre: Fluff

They were on stage, yet another Super Show performance in yet another city. And the fans were cheering and everyone was just a little tired but smiling and doing their best. And restrictions had gone up about throwing things on stage, what with the accident with Chul… But as Siwon stood there, looking the other way, a small plushie landed at his feet. 

Eh? What was this… 

Seeing as it wasn’t his part he bent down and picked the thing up. It was round with a cute little head and cute little arms and an extra cute little tail. A turtle. Shouldn’t this have gone to Yesung? Why’d it get thrown at him? (Ah, they wanted Yewon fanservice, didn’t they… the sly fangirls…)

Well, Shisus couldn’t just let a turtle not go to the one who loved them the most. He trotted down the long stage, singing his part when the song got to it, but he was a man with a mission.

And then he heard it - that angelic voice flowing through the sound system coming from one man into one microphone. And he jogged the rest of his way down the stage until he was right beside Yesung, bright eyed from singing and the moment he finished singing he grinned and wrapped his arms around Siwon. “Why were you running?” He stepped back, looking up maybe at Siwon, maybe at the sky.

“I think someone wanted me to give this to you.” Siwon pushed the turtle plushie into Yesung’s hands. And it looked like Christmas and a few birthdays rolled into one - the way he smiled.

“So cute!” Yesung cooed, hugging the creature. But Siwon couldn’t stay. It was time to get in position for the next song and that was back over where he’d started. So he rushed off… but all he saw wasn’t the lights and the crowd and the sea of that beautiful Sapphire Blue. Right now, all his mind saw was that man and that plushie and that smile. And out of all the precious moments a concert could give - that was the memory he was determined to cherish.

Tags: l: drabble, p: yesung/siwon
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