Merry (oneshizuku) wrote,

[drabble] While You Were Sleeping

Title: While You Were Sleeping
Pairing/Members: Yesung/Siwon
Rating: G
Word Count: 680
Genre: Fluff

On the set again - it gave him strange jittery feelings, being surrounded not by a group of lively young men, but with cast and crew of all sorts rushing about around him.

“Good morning, Siwon-sshi!” The director called to him, waving briefly before he continued his conversation explaining to the helper just how he wanted his coffee for the thousandth time.

Siwon gave him a smile and nod in return before heading toward his dressing room. Since he was one of the leads, he had his own room, and it was probably the only place he’d be able to grab sleep for the next few weeks. He was tired out already, to be perfectly honest, but one had to know that. No matter the schedule he’d carry it out with dignity. He was known for that.

He pushed the door open and looked over the schedule on one of the makeup tables, laying out which outfit he should change into, and in ten minutes someone would arrive to take care of the fine details and his makeup.

Soon he’d exchanged his street clothes (now folded into a perfect pile in the corner) for his character’s suit. It was military style and he quite liked it, aside from they weren’t really clothes you could get comfortable in. No time for that. You can rest later. He reminded himself, and then settled into the makeup chair.

It felt like only a few short seconds passed, when someone was shaking his shoulder gently. “E-ehgoodmorningwheream….” Siwon looked up at the individual, a rather soft faced looking man with a worried look fading from his face to be replaced by relief.

“Oh good, you’re alright.”

“I am?” He blinked.

“I came in here and asked if you were ready for your makeup and you said yeah and then I walked closer and your eyes were all closed and you weren’t moving and I thought you’d died!” The man was waving his arms for emphasis. “But you were just asleep so all is good!” And the relief turned into a bright smile before you could say Iloveturtles.

“I see… I must have drifted off. Thank you for waking me.” Siwon offered him a small professional smile in reply.

“So you’re ready now, then? I’ll get started! I’m Jongwoon by the way.” He continued babbling as he picked up a comb and set to work on Siwon’s hair. “So acting, that must be fun! Why’d you fall asleep though? Or can I not ask that? Ahh don’t ask personal questions I always forget that one!” Suddenly the chipper man was lamenting his ‘mistake’… Siwon could barely keep up with him.

“No, no, it’s fine. Just a lot of work, I’m fine though. And it is, I really enjoy acting.”

He found himself offering and even bigger smile than before at the reflection of this Jongwoon fellow in the mirror. “Seriously, it’s fine. And nice to meet you. Are you going to be my stylist through this whole drama…? I thought the cordi-noonas from SM would be sent over.”

“Oh, I’m newly with SM! I just worked with models before…never really interacted with idols much before. Went to makeup school with a girl in that Pledis group, do you know them…?” Jongwoon had taken a moment to stare rather intently into the mirror now, fixing Siwon’s collar from behind.

“I have. They’re nice girls.” Siwon replied, reaching up to help with adjusting the collar, and trying to resist the urge to yawn. Usually he could keep his tiredness so contained…

“You can rest. I don’t mind…” that clear voice burst into his thoughts again.

“I don’t know…”

“Choi-sshi, I…”

“Siwon.” He interrupted.

“…really, eh?”

“Just call me Siwon.”

Jongwoon’s eyes widened. “O-okay… err… Siwon-sshi, I honestly don’t mind… I guarantee, if you go to sleep, when you wake up, it’ll be just the right time and all your make-up and everything will be ready. You can count on me!”

The smile on that boy’s face was so eager and bright. “I…guess so. Just rest my eyes, if that’s really fine…”

“Not a problem at all!”

And with that, the gentle tender care from those delicately experienced hands lulled him to sleep.

Tags: l: drabble, p: yesung/siwon
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