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Title: light between my sins (maybe everything was meant to be)
Pairing: broken kris/lay (lay pov)
Rating: pg-13
Genre: angst
Word Count: 869
Summary: image prompt. kris broke up with lay...and lay attempts to work through his painful emotions. A/N: written for aideshou's third challenge. if you enjoy the story, please vote for it on the 21st of this month! (though uhh...it's really angsty so i understand if 'enjoy' isn't the right word)

Catch me, I whispered.Collapse )
Current Mood: draineddrained
Title: induced amaurosis (it's okay, i kind of like the blindfold)
Pairing: luhan/lay
Rating: nc-17
Genre: romance, pwp, kink
Word Count: 2431
Summary: inspired by this photo. blindfold kink and more.

He saw Luhan creeping up behind him. There wasn't really a way Yixing could miss it, since the older boy was reflected right before his face in the bathroom mirror.Collapse )